Access Keys:

St Mary's Primary & Nursery School, Bellaghy, Magherafelt

Curriculum Overview

Pupils have access to the complete range of subjects prescribed in the Northern Ireland Curriculum including Religious Education. A variety of learning strategies and techniques are deployed in each classroom to ensure that all pupils develop appropriate skills. Different learning styles are taken into account in the planning and organisation of lessons.

Learning and teaching at St Mary’s is organised around the Statutory Curriculum which
 focuses on infusing the Cross Curricular Skills of Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT with the following Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities:

  • TS&PC
  • Managing information
  • Being creative
  • Thinking, problem solving and decision making
  • Working with others
  • Self-management

The three stages of primary education:

  • Foundation Y1 & Y2,
  • Key Stage 1 Y3 & Y4,
  • Key Stage 2 Y5, Y6 & Y7

There are seven areas of learning, as outlined below;

  1. The Arts -including art and design, music, and opportunities to incorporate drama
  2. Language and Literacy -including talking and listening, reading, and writing and opportunities to incorporate drama.
  3. Mathematics and Numeracy -focusing on the development of mathematical concepts and numeracy across the curriculum.
  4. Personal Development -focusing on the development of emotional development, learning to learn, health, relationships, and sexuality education, understanding in the local and global community.
  5. Physical Education -focusing on the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of physical activities. We facilitate swimming lessons for pupils in year 4, 5,6 and 7.
  6. The World Around Us -focusing on the development of skills and knowledge in geography, history, science, and technology.
  7. Religious Education –following the ‘Grow in Love’ Programme. The programme is designed to promote the holistic and integral development of the young person and embraces